What is Pulpex

This product has been recently manufactured by Borna Group and has been registered internationally. This product is a combination of epoxy and pulping. After performing the initial stages in the epoxy coating, including sub-coating the surface and then executing the primer and the middle layer and …in the final stage, the mica stones used for the final layer is used, then Polyamide Epoxy varnish or polyurethane will use for the final coating cover of Mica.

Features of Pulpex Granite Coating

These coating is similar to expensive granite stones that are offered at an affordable price

Seamless and completely waterproof coating

Due to the presence of mica stones and resistant varnishes, it has a very high resistance against impact and scratches

It is easier to clean than stone and ceramics, and it does not absorb oily substances and pollution in any way.

It can easily be restored

Implanted on all kind of surfaces (concrete, stone, ceramic, etc.)

Very low weight

Fire fighting

 Available on all indoor and outdoor wardens