Micro pulp granite coatings consists of  granite chips (fine-grained mica), water based acrylic resins, Nanomaterials are softening materials Which is used to prevent the cracking and use of other additives to enhance the resistance of resins and also the adhesion of mica on the surface.

This product is exactly the same as pulping, but has only a finer texture. Among the differences or advantages of this products, we could refer to its higher coating possibility than pulping, as well as the possibility if using and implanting of this product by rollers.

Acro pulp is a subset of the Micro pulp, with the difference that the micro-pulp can be mixed with colored mica, and a product can also be mixed and produces with two or more colors of mica, but in acro-pulp, as in acrylic colors, colors are presented as monochromatic colors, but its material has

fine-grained mica, which multiplies the acrylic color resistance.