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This product is a highly resistant product to use in external facades, as well as interior buildings, staircases and parking and places requiring direct washing, due to the existence of mineral mica, as well as water base resins and special polyurethane industrial paints

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The world’s premier building  coating with over 3,000,000 square meters of executive


Certificates and Awards

The credentials of the Pulping products, which have been registered in the name of the BORNA collection, can be viewed and studied, and there is enough information available on the quality of our products in this section.

Certificates and Awards


This product has been recently manufactured by Borna Group and has been registered internationally. This product is a combination of epoxy and pulping.


Micro pulp granite coatings consists of  granite chips (fine-grained mica), water based acrylic resins, Nanomaterials are softening materials Which is used to prevent the cracking and use of other additives to enhance the resistance of resins and also the adhesion of mica on the surface


The pulp consists of ceramic chips, granite powder, construction acrylic resins, anti UV lubricants and other astringents and additives.




ROKI Produces under ROMEX Germany Know-How and Cooperation in Iran


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