Technical specification of Pulping(coating)

The pulp consists of ceramic chips, granite powder, construction acrylic resins, anti UV lubricants and other astringents and additives. This coating has attracted many construction professionals from the beginning of its offering the market and the reasons are:

Pulping specifications:

1-Due to the fact that the pulping is sprayed by the pistol on the exterior and interior of the building, then the speed of its implanting is very high and many construction painters can easily implement this coating.

2- This coating is a great alternative to expensive construction stones, Because its granite designs have the same effect of granite stone in the building, and has provided plenty of designs for architects therefore they can choose different designs accordingly.

3- Its price is much cheaper than the implementation of granite stones.

4-100% Washable like a stone.

5- It can be combined with other coating materials such as composites, cement materials, reflex windows, and … and countless combinations of exterior coatings.

6- It can be used in combination with other coating materials because the resins used in the pulping materials are all based on acrylic resins and do not create any odor and sensitivity, And no thinner solvents or petroleum compounds have been used inside it, for this reason, its maintenance and execution are very safe and hygienic. It can be combined with other coating materials such as composites, cement materials, reflex windows.

7- In addition to use in large and high-rise projects, it can be used in small buildings, villas and apartments, because it’s light weight reduces the dead load of the building from 30 to 40 kilograms per square meter.

8- The pulping texture consists of ceramic loops, which each of them has the ability to reflect the light, and when the sun shines directly to the vast surface of the building, appealing the surface of the work in a magnificent view, and this is another unique feature of pulping. For this reason, pulping paints should be carried out with special precision to prevent the defects of the coating be reflected under the sunshine.

9- The flexibility of the palpation makes the cracks that appear between the underlying surfaces caused by small building shakes cannot be seen after the Implementation.

10- This coating is based on the use of polyurethane pigments and the most resistant to ultraviolet light, and this feature is one of the most prominent advantages of this product.

11- Due to the fact that mineral mica is the most insulating material against heat and electricity transmission, this can be called the most insulating acrylic coating in the world

Internal Pulping Cellulose Coatings (Former Rawmalin)

These coatings are produced in both ductile and dry form, It is used for interior decoration, which is executed with trowels.

It consists of chopped paper and cloth, coated mica with oil color, and also cmc adhesives and acrylic resins in paste products.

This product produce and supply to the whole of Iran at an affordable price and high quality level by Borna Group company.


The Puplext is the same as pulping With the difference that in addition to using coated mica with polyurethane paints, powdered stones has been used in it, and the only difference is in visual. Puplext is glossy and semi-glossy. The coating of Puplext is a little more than pulping and the price is lower.