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Who we are?

Borna Group started its official activities in production of construction materials and its implementation in 1380.

Since 1380, Palping or granite coating palping are the have been the first products manufactured by Boran Group Which has attracted the attention of builders and mass-builders of building industry.

This product is a highly resistant product to  use in external facades, as well as interior buildings, staircases and parking and places requiring direct washing, due to the existence of mineral mica, as well as water base resins and special polyurethane industrial paints (highly anti-UV coating and resistant to sun rays). It is also suitable for swimming pool ceilings. It is worth mentioning that the warm, moist and dark environment surrounding the pool, always has a potential of fungal growth, Therefore, this product is highly suitable for use in these environments due to its highly antibacterial properties.

The company has succeeded in implementing 5 million square meters of this product in Iran. Some of these projects are Zulfiqar Betaja project with an area of 170,000 square meters and Chitgar Residential Complex of over 200,000 square meters,Nirouman Project of Kerman of over 70,000 square meters and hundreds of other projects throughout Iran. At the same time, lower grades of pulping are produced at a cheaper price, called Pulpex